Broadcast Connectors & Cable Assemblies

Innovation on the airwaves for 75 years

In a rapidly-changing industry, technical mastery and industry knowledge make Winchester Electronics the ideal partner for broadcasters, equipment manufacturers and installation integrators.  

Winchester excels at solving challenges like connector density, performance, and reliability across a range of operating environments. As the broadcasting industry adapts to change—such as transitioning from SDI to IP video transmission standards—Winchester continues to develop industry-leading products.

Winchester has a long tradition of innovative contributions to broadcasting, with industry-first products such as the Tri-Loc® Camera Connectors, True 75 Ohm BNC Connectors, and HDTV Video Jacks and Jackfields.

More recently, Winchester introduced the market’s first and only all-optical patching system, the EL Series™. With expanded-beam front and rear connectors, this patent pending system eliminates durability issues with traditional physical contact fiber optics.

Winchester continues to innovate, improving its products to meet its customers’ requirements. From production to post-production to the living room, Winchester keeps transmission going—just as it has for 75 years.

Broadcast Products

Broadcast Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Solutions for TV Stations and Broadcasters

  • RF Cable Assemblies and Connectors
  • Fiber Optic Connectors and Cable Assemblies
  • RF and Fiber Optic Jack Fields and Patch Cords
  • Fiber Optic Tri-Loc Camera Connectors

Router Manufacturers

  • Coax cable assemblies and connectors designed for SDI, 4k, UHD TV and 8k
  • Fiber Optic cable assemblies and connectors


  • Field terminated RF connectors
  • Jack fields for video patching
  • Installation tools and Fiber terminations


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