Winchester Electronics Advanced Optical Fiber group provides cable assembly manufacturing services for all commercially-available fiber optic connectors. We can assist you in design of complex military-grade cable assemblies including copper and fiber, or we can take your drawing and produce assemblies that maintain top performance even in the harshest environments.

With a vast array of polishing fixtures, interferometer adapters, and test equipment adapters, and over 100 years combined fiber optic termination expertise, we can terminate and test any cable or connector you have. Even if you have a custom ferrule with no commercial polishing fixture available, we will develop and build a custom polishing fixture to meet your application need.

In-stock polishing fixtures are available for quick-turnaround manufacturing on commercial connectors such as LC, FC, SC, ST, MU, MTP, MT-RJ, and military ferrules such as ITT ruby ferrule, ITT PHD, 29504/14 and /15, and specialty connectors such as FDDI, ESCON, Biconic, SMA, D4, and SMPTE304.








Other Fiber Optic Products
Standard Fiber Optic Products
Standard Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies All major connector and cable styles are available.
Standard Fiber Optic Connectors All major connector styles are available.
EL Series™ Contacts
EL Series™ Expanded Beam Contact These innovative contacts use double alignment and protected lens technology to create a new connector system providing significant advantages over traditional expanded beam connectors.
EL Series™ Rugged Contact Cable Utilizing the innovative KINGS® EL Series™ contact, these cable assemblies provide a rugged, configurable connection system for fiber applications requiring high reliability.
Cable Assemblies
Military & Commercial Aerospace – Fiber Optic Solutions Comprehensive list of Fiber Optic Military Standards that Winchester utilizes.
Fiber Optic Solutions General overview for some of Winchester’s fiber optic offerings.
Medical Products
Online Case Study – Medical Expanded Beam Connector Overview of expanded beam hybrid connection system.
Case Study – Hybrid Fiber and Copper Expanded Beam Connector Case study of expanded beam fiber connection system, currently used in medical applications for High Definition and 4K video distribution.
Broadcast Products
EL Series™ Video Jacks & Panels Fiber optic patching system that doesn’t require cleaning.
EL Series™ Optical Fiber Patch Cords Patch cords for fiber optic patching system.
KINGS® SMPTE 304 HDTV FO Tri-Loc® Camera Connector KINGS® SMPTE 304 HDTV FO Tri-Loc® is compliant to the industry standard SMPTE 304. Winchester has performed intermateability testing and qualification testing on this rugged work-horse connector.
KINGS® SMPTE 304 Detailed Information – Drawings KINGS® SMPTE 304 HDTV FO Tri-Loc® Camera Connector Drawings
KINGS® Fiber Optic Tri-Loc® Camera Accessories KINGS® Fiber Optic Tri-Loc® Camera Accessories
KINGS® SMPTE 304 Fiber Tri-Loc® Test Report Summary of physical and optical qualification of the KINGS® SMPTE 304 Fiber Tri-loc®.
KINGS® Fiber Tri-Loc® Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer KINGS® Fiber Tri-Loc® Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer
EL Series™ Fiber Optic Tri-Loc® Camera Connector The novel KINGS® EL Series™ Fiber Tri-loc® is mechanically and electrically compliant to the industry standard SMPTE 304, except for a custom key, so that it will not physically mate to the physical contact version. The EL Series™ contact means that no cleaning is required on these rugged connectors.
Case Study – EL Series™ Video Jack Major sporting facility implemented the fiber optic video jack for hassle-free configuration of their fiber network. No cleaning required.
Fiber Tri-Loc® KINGS®-to-LEMO Cross Reference Cross reference KINGS®-to-LEMO for Fiber Tri-Loc® SMPTE 304 Connectors.
Fiber Tri-Loc® Camera Connector Replacement Parts – Drawings Drawings showing replacement part numbers for KINGS® Fiber Tri-Loc®.
Other Fiber Optic Products
Specialty Polishing Winchester can terminate and polish any kind of fiber. Challenge us!
Illumination Fiber Winchester terminates and polishes these borosilicate fibers to your design or ours. Contact us for options.
Plastic Optical Fiber Winchester terminates and polishes all kinds of POF, including multicore and large core. Using Mitsubishi, Asahi, and other specialized POF suppliers, Winchester can provide novel solutions to plastic fiber needs.
Fiber Components Custom optical components will be designed for special applications such as medical, military, and industrial optical processing; including tap/monitors, focusers, photodiodes, and others.
Collimators Winchester provides standard and custom collimators for optical components, illumination, and numerous other applications.