KV-59-23 : MHV

MHV Plug

Winchester’s KINGS® brand MHV series connector, forerunner of the SHV series, was designed for high voltage applications of BNC connectors (voltage greater than 500 vrms). MHV connectors are sometimes referred to as high voltage BNC, but are not intermateable with BNC connectors. MHV connectors are covered under MIL-PRF-39012. High voltage connectors are designed for use where the normal operating voltage of standard coaxial connectors is inadequate. They are commonly used in military and nuclear applications, as well as medical electronics. Major uses include research laboratories, manufacturers of nuclear control instrumentation, and accelerator laboratories.
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  • High Power RF Cables and Connectors

    An aerospace customer approached Winchester’s TRU division with a challenge related to RF transmission lines it was using on a military surveillance aircraft radar system. The application met specifications established by the Electronic Industrial Alliance (“EIA”) and utilized EIA flange connectors to connect high power coaxial transmission lines with feedline diameters up to several inches. Although the current solution was functional, it was difficult to use, heavy, and inflexible. In addition, the existing solution had a limited number of possible configurations and was prone to foreign object debris (“FOD”).

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  • High RF Power – High Frequency Solutions for EMC Testing

    A premier global defense and security customer approached a division of Winchester, TRU Corporation, with a problem related to its EMC Chambers. The chambers were damaged due to flooding and other facility related issues, and needed to be completely reconstructed. The customer needed to replace the majority of cables and interconnects in each chamber but was unhappy with the previous cable technology (corrugated) because of its difficulty in configuring/routing as well as its tendency to break. The customer was also experiencing cross threading of their standard threaded connectors in the hard to access and confined spaces associated with the chambers. In addition, the customer was unfamiliar with cable and interconnect options, and needed expertise in technical service and extensive support from a new supplier.

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