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TRU offers the engineering community a vast array of resources to find the optimal solution to your challenge. From connectors to cable to cable assemblies, you will find specifications, performance graphs and design aids that provide valuable insights into the proper selection of product to satisfy your application requirements. TRU has a full range of engineered cables that offer superior performance for specific requirements involving power handling, frequency response, environmental and mechanical demands of your interconnect system. TRU’s heritage and reputation has been built on providing engineered solutions that meet your requirements – from the routine to the mission critical including TRU’s signature Quick Disconnect (SQS. QRM, QDS), Quick Change (QC) and MEIA products.

In addition to the technical resources found online, TRU can also provide individual applications support from one of the most experienced teams in the RF and microwave industry to support you through all phases of your project.

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RF Coaxial Cable


TRU has been providing high quality RF and microwave connector solutions since 1951, designed and manufactured in the USA. TRU’s experience and innovation has led to breakthrough designs in some of the most demanding market applications. TRU offers a broad portfolio of connector interface solutions. TRU built its reputation on working closely with its customers to develop the best custom solution for their individual needs.


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