TRU Corporation


Success is not just about getting the product made and finding the easiest solution. It’s about the experience, innovation, and performance that goes into the product.  

TRU products are designed and made by one of the most experienced teams in the RF and microwave industry—experts in listening to your needs and solving your unique challenges, and supporting you through the design, manufacture and post sales support phases of your project.

Whether you require assistance in the development phase of your project or with qualification and evaluation testing, the TRU team will work closely with you to not only provide you a high-quality product solution but to provide you the support services before and after the sale.

Engineering Services:

  • Applications
  • Design Engineering
  • Configuration Control / Product Data Management

Testing Services:

  • S-Parameter (DC – 50 GHz)
  • Phase – Temperature Profiling
  • Thermal Shock
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Salt Fog / Moisture
  • Hi Pot
  • Flexure